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ECOCERT ingredients only!!!

The organic ingredients carefully selected by MUNMUN was specially made for the 5 majors skin types.


MUNMUN insist of using the no hazardous but natural organic ingredients for it’s masks.

The ingredients gives burden free care to the skin and enables the skin to receive faster and healthier skin repair energy. 




Tailor-made Packing Design by Jocelyn Kao

Illustrator - Jocelyn Kao

Jocelyn Kao, a famous Chinese artist who did the illustration design for Peggy Wu's "Fashion Alive" publication in 2013. Her style art work was widely embraced by the European and American market.

In 2015, Jocelyn released the co-brand illustration watch, “Jocelyn Kao X Modify Watch” together with the US, San Francisco Brand Modify Watch and Pelle Moda Shoe. Jocelyn has also established her own brand "Jocelyn Kao illustration".



Unlike other facial masks, not only Munmun cares about quality of the mask, but visual enjoyment from its first sight too.

Opportunity to work with Jocelyn Kao on Munmun’s illustration design made Munmun masks not only a facial beauty mask but also a trend of fashion with wonderful visual enjoyment.

Amongst all the illustrations, the above illustration showed a modern female with beautiful dress same time using the facial mask surrounded by cosmetics, clothing and gifts. The whole picture elaborated the importance of fashion trend and skin care that modern females pursued. The 101 building in the picture symbolize the interconnection between the Taiwan’s Munmun and International fashion trend.



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